Zendure SuperMini Go: Rugged power bank that does it all

Zendure SuperMini Go: Rugged power bank that does it all
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Power banks have become like smartphones — little black slabs with no character. Zendure is aiming to change that with the new SuperMini GO.

Launched on Indiegogo today, the SuperMini GO is a 10,000mAh that features a 20W PD USB-C port and a second USB-A port for legacy devices and devices requiring trickle charging. It also incorporates a magnetic wireless charging pad for charging up smartphones wirelessly.

Zendure SuperMini GO

Yup, everything you need for charging in a small package.

10,000mAh of battery capacity might not sound like a lot, but it’s enough to almost recharge up an iPhone 13 Pro Max twice, which isn’t bad at all. A smaller iPhone, such as the iPhone 12, can be recharged two and a half times before the power bank needs recharging.

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The SuperMini GO also has a handy LCD display on the back that’s color-coordinated to the design of the power bank (it comes in a range of colors – Sunset Cyan, Galaxy Black, and Space Silver).

Everything is packed in a durable rubberized outer shell that looks like an old-timey camera.

Yeah, it’s a cute look. I’m someone who normally likes functional and practical, and even I like this look.

It’s fresh and different and fun.


  • 15W Magnetic wireless charging
  • 20W USB-C output can charge iPhone 13 to 50% in just 30 minutes
  • LCD screen for status at a glance
  • Charges 3 devices at the same time
  • 10,000mAh capacity

“When we design a product, the user experience is always at the forefront,” said Zendure CEO and founder Bryan Liu. “Magnetic docking and 3-in-1 charging capabilities make SuperMini GO a joy to use, and we had a little fun with the aesthetic so we could deliver even more of that joy.”

But don’t let the outside fool you. The power bank is all business.

I’ve been testing a sample for a couple of weeks, and it ticks all the boxes. Capacity is spot on (I’ve discharged and charged this power bank a number of times to make sure the capacity is as listed), the USB-C port is capable of a sustained 20W output, and the wireless charger outputs a maximum of 15W (going down to 5W depending on device).

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Zendure SuperMini GO LCD panel

Zendure SuperMini GO LCD panel

The SuperMini GO will also charge three devices simultaneously (total output is limited to 20W), or it can charge a device while it is being recharged.

If you want a fully-featured, portable power bank that’s got a bit of style to it, check out the SuperMini GO. I’ve tried and tested a lot of Zendure products and the company never disappoints.

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