What Was Amber Heard Writing? Viral Video of Actress ‘Scribbling in Air’ Speakers Internet

What Was Amber Heard Writing?  Viral Video of Actress 'Scribbling in Air' Speakers Internet
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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s highly-publicized defamation trial has divided social media. Video clips from the trial have been going viral on a daily basis. Recently, the closing arguments were presented in court and the jury has finally begun deliberations in the high-profile defamation battle. As has been the case, Heard once again managed to capture the attention of trolls but for a very bizarre reason. The videos show Heard writing on the notepad and have taken the internet by storm. Netizens believe that Heard was pretending to do so for the camera. In fact, in several close-up videos, it is visible that Heard’s pen wasn’t even touching the notepad.

Since uploaded, the video has gone viral and managed to gather over 780K views. Netizens have bombarded the comment section expressing their views. Many are also seen Retweeting the video. “Fakers fake everything. Every single thing,” wrote a person in the comment section. “That’s hilarious I guess she lives in an imaginary world,” wrote another person. Expressing ones view, a person wrote, “Aside from anger, the only genuine emotion Amber Heard showed in court was this agony when Johnny Depp’s texts saying he was done with her, had no love left for her, wasn’t afraid of her and was going to fight back were read.”

Meanwhile, some time back social media users alleged that Heard seemed to pose for a photograph while crying during her testimony. The allegation, obviously, is based on subjective biases and not corroborated by any known facts. The opinion must also be regarded with caution because what’s being seen as Heard striking a pose might have been anything else and even if it is a pose, it cannot qualify to condemn her in the case.

Earlier, a similar conjecture had occurred over whether or not Johnny Depp “purposely” avoided looking at Amber Heard during her testimony. Amber Heard suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, a psychologist told a Virginia jury on Tuesday in Johnny Depp’s USD 50 million defamation trial against the Aquaman star over her 2018 Washington Post op-ed on domestic violence.

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