“The Generic White Man Wins!” Lachie Gill Wins The Voice But The Internet Isn’t Pleased

"The Generic White Man Wins!"  Lachie Gill Wins The Voice But The Internet Isn't Pleased
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Seven’s The Voice crowned its winner last night and PE teacher Lachie Gill won, however, social media has erupted with disappointment that a “white man” took the top prize.

Interestingly, Gill beat out, Thando Sikwila, Jordan Tavita and Faith Sosene – all incredible talents and now people on social media are sharing their disappointment that a white man ended up with the most votes.

Particularly, because the other three finalists were diverse and incredibly talented.

Of course, Gill’s win comes off the back of people in general pushing for more diverse representation on their Australian television screens, so while Gill’s definitely got an incredible voice and is a clear talent, these conversations are also worth having.

While you may not agree with the internet’s take on Gill’s win, it is nice to see this kind of discourse erupting online.

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