How to protect your cell phone, tablet during extreme heat

How to protect your cell phone, tablet during extreme heat
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. β€” The weather gave the metro a break Wednesday, but higher temperatures will soon return.

Experts warn that the heat also impacts your electronics and can damage everything from cell phones to laptops.

AT&T warns an overheated phone can cause battery drain or a total shutdown.

The easiest way to prevent it from happening is to avoid leaving your electronics in the car. If you’re driving during the day, experts say to keep your phone off the dashboard where it would get direct sunlight.

If plans take you outside, AT&T says to keep your phone or tablet in a bag or backpack. They also say stashing it under a light colored towel or blanket will also help protect it, just make sure you don’t step on it.

Another problem is extreme temperature change, which we all do. AT&T warns taking your electronics from outside, where it’s 100 degrees, into an air conditioned room, where it’s much cooler, can be an issue. Experts say it cam cause condensation on the inside of your device. They suggest putting it into your purse or pocket to help insulate it and allow it to transition gradually.

It’s also helpful to store devices separately. Electronics conduct heat and keeping them pressed together intensifies that heat. The devices need airflow to keep them cool enough to operate.

If your device overheats, AT&T said the fastest way to get the temperature back to normal is to turn it off.

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