Google Pixel 6 vs. 6a: Which should you buy?

Google Pixel 6 vs.  6a: Which should you buy?
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It’s not often that you find a mid-range phone with a flagship-level processor, but that’s exactly what Google did with the Pixel 6a. Inside is the same Google Tensor processor that you’ll find in the far more expensive Pixel 6, and that’s something to truly celebrate. But, for just $450, a few concessions had to be made on the Pixel 6a to achieve such a great price.

While the overall design of both phones is similar, the Google Pixel 6a (opens in new tab) is a bit smaller than the Pixel 6. That could be an advantage for some folks, but it also means a smaller screen. There are also some visual downgrades with the display quality, and Google is only including the last generation’s Pixel cameras in the Pixel 6a, while the Pixel 6 (opens in new tab) features those incredibly impressive upgraded 50MP sensors onboard.

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