EU to Provide €17.7 Million in Assistance to 1,580 Dismissed Air France Workers Due to COVID

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Nearly 1,580 Air France workers who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic will receive €17.7 million in EU aid.

Through a statement issued on Tuesday, June 21, the European Parliament also announced that the Budget Committee had approved France’s request for support from the European Globalization Adjustment Fund for Displaced Workers (EGF), reports.

“MEPs acknowledge that “Air France was severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, which caused a sharp decline in income and traffic”. The Ile-de-France region (57% of the layoffs) has been most affected,” the statement reads.

According to the European Parliament, the support provided to laid-off workers includes the following services:

  • advisory
  • career guidance
  • job search assistance
  • the opportunity to learn new skills through tailored vocational training

In addition, participants can also get tips on starting their own business and an initial grant of up to €15,000.

“The support measures also include hiring benefits, salary top-ups and quick reemployment allowances for workers,” the statement also explains.

The cost of evaluating these measures is about €21 million, of which EGF will cover 85 per cent or €17.7 million, while Air France will finance the remaining 15 per cent.

The EGF is a special EU instrument expressing EU solidarity with European workers or the self-employed displaced due to restructuring to help them find new jobs. It also contributes to creating a more dynamic and competitive European economy.

The EGF has an annual budget of €210 million for 2021-2027 and can finance from 60 per cent to 85 per cent of the costs of projects created to help redundant workers find another job.

Previously, the European Commission has backed about 1,580 former Air France employees who lost their jobs for the same reason to the detriment of COVID-19 with around €17.7 billion.

As the EU Commission explains, France’s request for EGF support serves to help laid-off workers at Air France, as the COVID-19 pandemic saw a significant drop in passenger flights but also in airlines, which pushed the airline to fire a large share of its workers.

According to the Commission, these support measures include employment benefits, wage increases and rapid reemployment allowances for workers.

On February 16, the European Parliament decided to help nearly 300 Airbus employees in France who had lost their jobs with an amount of about €3.7 million. The European Parliament also added that according to Airbus, by 2025, there is not expected to be a full recovery in the aviation sector.

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