Delete After Reading is a new text adventure from Unmemory’s developer, and it’s coming to mobile

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Shape your destiny by stealing a highly-coveted video game

Unmemory is a delightful text-based adventure game from Patrones & Escondites that landed on Android in 2020, and the developer has a new title in the works called Delete After Reading. Much like Unmemory, Delete After Reading is an indie text adventure, and this time around, you’ll solve puzzles while escaping rooms, all in an effort to steal a coveted video game, though unintended consequences may unfold. Basically, Patrones & Escondites has a fresh adventure game in the works, and there’s a trailer available if you’d like to take your first look.

The teaser trailer above offers a brief glimpse of the humor available in Delete After Reading while laying the groundwork for the game’s theme. This is a text adventure, a game you read, and much like any adventure game, your choices will affect the outcome of the game, something the game acknowledges and is part of the story, which is undoubtedly a quirky way to handle a text adventure , by going meta with it.



  • A text-based puzzle narrative adventure. Find clues hidden in the text to solve some clever puzzles and move forward along 5 chapters of an adventure fun story

  • Experience an engaging storytelling experience that blends escape room mechanics, puzzles, audio and narrative in a way that will make you feel like a character inside the story

  • Enjoy eye-candy visuals with adorable and roguish cartoons and crazy and weird devices. A stylish, modern layout that invites you to read while feeding your imagination

  • Let your ears feast with real voices, effects from another galaxy, and disco music. All together in the same cocktail. Better than pina colada

So far, we know Delete After Reading will offer puzzle-based play that leans towards escape room mechanics, where you solve puzzles to move from room to room as you piece together a larger mystery. We also know you’ll join forces with a group of strange characters, like a goblin rapper and a rabbit that thinks it’s a reincarnated Blues Brother. So expect to delve into a quirky mystery once Delete After Reading is released.

While there’s currently no release date for Delete After Reading, a PC demo is expected to drop during Steam Next Fest (June 13-20), where the game is already available for placement on wishlists. Sadly the mobile version remains to be seen, so there’s no Play Store listing just yet, but at the very least, we know the game is coming to the platform. So until a launch date is revealed for the PC and mobile release, enjoy the trailer above.


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