5 reasons why you should choose Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra over the iPad Pro

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
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Samsung has recently launched its premium Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra tablet, and with its unique design and features, this tablet has already caught everyone’s attention. The new flagship tablet from Samsung offers cutting-edge features and productivity tools that make lives much easier for professionals on the go. With a larger display size than ever before and a more responsive S Pen, the all-new Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra works as the perfect canvas for artists as well. While this new premium tablet from Samsung is brimming with features, you might be wondering how it fares against Apple’s latest top-of-the-line iPad Pro (12.9-inch) model. Here, we will go over the five reasons why you should choose Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra over the latest iPad Pro.

1. Design – There’s one clear choice!

With the Tab S8 Ultra, Samsung has made several subtle design choices that improve the overall experience of the device. Firstly, the tablet comes with an Armor Aluminum casing that guards it against wear and tear and can even handle minor drops and bumps. More notably, this is the thinnest, biggest, and toughest Samsung Galaxy Tablet till date. Apart from being impressively durable, the tablet also has an extremely lightweight and slim design. The build quality of this tablet is downright impressive, and the graphite finish adds a premium feel to the entire package. Compared to the iPad Pro, which has a thickness of 6.5mm, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra sits at just 5.5mm thick. It means that the tablet from Samsung is much easier to hold, which is a crucial aspect of usage.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

One of the best design-focused things about the Tab S8 Ultra is the front camera placement. Samsung has put the camera inside a small notch that sits at the top when the tablet is in landscape mode. This is the correct and much better placement for the camera as most of us use large tablets in landscape mode when taking video calls. The cameras are also quite impressive and boast an impressive field of view and optimal 4K video recording.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Aesthetically speaking, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra design looks much more appealing in general than the rather generic and dated design offered by the iPad Pro. Whether it is the magnetic strip at the back, the extremely slim profile, or the dimensions suited for use in landscape mode, everything adds up to give an edge to the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

2. Pro size display – Extra room for productivity and creativity

Tablets have steadily become the go-to choice for creators and professionals alike. Display plays a big role in the decision-making process when choosing the right device, as small displays just can’t meet the needs of professionals. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra ships with a whopping 14.6-inch Super AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate, WQXGA+ (2,960 x 1,848 pixels) resolution, and 16:10 aspect ratio. Professionals switching from a laptop will feel right at home using this tablet for productivity tasks. As the display size is massive, you won’t have to zoom in and out to double-check figures or make changes to your sketches.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Also, the bigger display means that you can multi-task with ease without feeling cramped when running apps side-by-side. As the extra room allows for more productivity and makes it easier to perform multitasking, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will be the preferred choice for professionals.

3. Included S Pen – Makes all the difference

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra ships bundled with the renowned S Pen. The S Pen comes with improved responsiveness and is the perfect tool for taking notes, drawing sketches, signing contracts, and so much more. With improved responsiveness, you can take notes as if you are using real pen and paper. The pressure sensitivity allows the tablet to distinguish between light and firm strokes to reflect the artist’s vision accurately. As the S Pen gets attached to the tablet magnetically at the back and the top (when in landscape mode), you can stay stress-free about where to put it and can access it whenever you need it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

In order to get the Apple Pencil, you will have to pay an additional Rs 10,900, which is a substantial amount. Considering how the S Pen improves the productivity of the tablet manifolds and is offered as part of the bundle for free, there is no doubt that Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra takes the advantage in this department.

4. Galaxy Ecosystem – Seamless productivity

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra immensely benefits from the Galaxy Ecosystem features offered by the brand. One feature that particularly stands out is Second Screen. This feature lets you use the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra as an extension of your laptop’s display. If you use a separate monitor alongside your laptop for your work, you would already know how the secondary display helps in increasing productivity. You will also enjoy the AutoSwitch feature that allows for a seamless switch between the audio devices.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

You also get features like continuity which lets you switch from your smartphone to your tablet, or vice versa, without restarting the app from the beginning. So, you can open a link on your Samsung phone and then switch to the Tab S8 Ultra and continue your browsing on a bigger display. There’s also a Smart Switch feature that allows you to switch from an old to a new device while keeping your custom settings, apps, and more. With such excellent integration, the Galaxy ecosystem helps you focus on work and seamlessly switch between devices without breaking the flow.

5. DeX mode and external storage – Get the laptop experience when you want

One of the features that truly distinguishes Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra from the competition is DeX mode. By simply pressing the DeX button on the Quick panel, you can use your Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra just like a PC. Once you get into the DeX mode, you can open several app windows at once and rearrange them however you want. You can also drag and drop items from one app to other and even right-click for additional options. With the DeX mode, in conjunction with the Keyboard Cover, which features a trackpad and intuitive function keys, you can get a PC-like experience with only a single tap.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

And the benefits from DeX do not stop here. The feature allows you to display the content from your tablet on larger displays without any wired connection. This means you can give a presentation by simply casting content from your tablet to a smart TV. Additionally, just like laptops, you can use external storage by using the included microSD card port. You can carry multiple cards and switch between them if you need even more storage.

Unfortunately, on iPad Pro, there is no dedicated mode that enables ease of use if you want to use the tablet like a laptop. The expandable storage option is also not present on an iPad Pro, and increasing the built-in storage is quite a costly affair.


With all points in consideration, it is clear that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra offers a unique package that opens up different use cases for professional users. The inclusion of a larger display with great camera placement, slimmer design, bundled S Pen, and useful software features make it impossible to look past the productivity offered by the new tablet from Samsung. While the iPad Pro is a capable tablet, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is in a league of its own. You can grab the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra for a starting price of Rs 1,08,999. As a limited-time offer, the brand is offering a 50 percent discount on the Keyboard Cover, which is worth Rs 22,999, with the purchase of this tablet. You can also get a Rs 10,000 cashback if you purchase the tablet with an HDFC credit or debit card with an EMI option. If you buy the tablet from the Samsung Shop app, you can get a further discount of Rs 2,000.


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