The Skeleton Coast

This is the western coast of Namibia, which is located in Southwestern Africa. Ancient Tribal people who lived there had their own word for this coast, which translates to be “Land of Anger (made by God).”The Portuguese were the most notable European Colonial people to have influence over what is now Namibia, and they called the coast, “Gates to Hell.” Why?

Study charts of the area to see that the coastline recedes dramatically about 45 degrees as one sails from north to south. Portuguese trading ships would be compelled to move toward the coastline as they lined up to arrive at a seaport. Seaports are generally set in natural harbors or at the mouths of rivers. In the case of Namibia, Walvis Bay (a bit south of the Skeleton Coast) was the likely ship Captain’s destination, not only for Portuguese traders, but for English, German, Dutch, and others during the Colonial period (1500s – 1800s).

Then and today, that coastline is enshrouded by a persistent fog. Sailing ship navigation improved over time, but mostly required visual cues (the moon and stars or firelight on a coastline). If one could hear the surf break on the coast, that would be a cue that the ship is in danger of foundering there, and the wind tended to blow from the coast out to sea, yet that was also a challenge. The ships had to tack (zigzag) in order to make headway against an opposing wind. Finally, unknown to all of the captains and their experienced seamen, the strong Benguela Current hugs the coast as it moves from south to north.

This current would have compelled captains to put on more sail to make headway. As their ships got closer to the coast to make for the seaport, the “Bernoulli Effect” on fluid dynamics would pull a southbound ship east, into the Skeleton Coast, not directionally (the ship’s navigator would perceive a change of direction), but broadside, as the current moved fast on the starboard side of the ship and the barrier of the coast caused water that the ship was now in to move faster.

The captain, crew, and passengers of a ship that violently founders on a fog-shrouded coast might have time to utter a single plea. Most likely, Christians and non-Christians alike cried out, “God save me!” The same thing happens today to people about to experience a car crash, fire, or violent attack. A Christian knows God, prays to him daily, and perceives God’s grace in his or her life. A non-Christian may acknowledge God in his or her hour of need, but there are no scriptures in the Christian Bible that support the idea that a promise, a pact, or conditions to have a second chance at mortal life are of any interest to God.

Come out of the fog to find God now. He is here. Web search the Christian Bible online to find how it was man who left God. God never has left man. It is we who have gone out to corrupt the world that God made and entrusted mankind to manage. It is Satan, who is in the world with us, apart from God, ever tempting us all to affront God, who has cast him out. Read how God loves us so much that he sent his son to take our sins and to show us the way back to him. Read what happens to us when we die, and how God will not see our sin if he only sees Jesus, who has taken all sin upon himself. Find out what you can do to earn forgiveness in your life. The grave is the end of mortal life, except for those who gave their life to Jesus while they were mortal.

Resource Box: In the name of Jesus Christ, pray to Father God. Ask him for his grace. Web search what you want to know about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and other subjects in the Christian Bible at the online Bible Gateway, Through his grace, you will find hope.

In the midst of this global confusion we shall continue to experience his peace and blessings. God is with you and he will be making this very clear to you and those around you this year. He will manifest as he has never been. He will prove himself strong and powerful on your behalf. You will not struggle again to show that. He will prove that he is still your God and has not abandoned you after all. The doors that have been shut against you will open now. Hope you heard that very well? Mark it. Write it down. New grace, new abilities, new opportunities are coming out this situation. Are you not already seeing them? They will beg you to receive the blessings. I am seeing mine. I am seeing things that I have not experienced before new doors, new anointing, new breakthrough, ‘waters coming out of dry ground’ etc. Things that have been working against you will now begin to work in your favour. That ‘thorn in your flesh’, will be removed. Yes, it will. Those that doubted or ridiculed you will come to praise God with you. Those that maltreated you will rush to apologize to you. Those that have been fighting and working against you will come to make peace or they will fall before you because of the level of glory and power that is about to be unleashed on you. He will let the world know your relationship with him by his manifestation. But why will all these happen? Just to reassure you and also show the world that he is still with you. Just get ready!

You already know the story of Jacob. He had so much trouble and fear when God gave him that massive divine reassurance at Bethel. Yes, there is nothing that reassures as hearing from him. It gives strength and peace in the midst of trial, like what the world is going through now. It gives hope and courage in the midst of life battles. The world needs urgent healing at the moment. Nations, people, businesses need urgently God’s touch, love and miracles to come out of this. True. Jacob was there: frustrated, afraid, traumatized, in regrets, tired, discouraged, depressed, lonely and confused when the LORD met and spoke those powerful words to him. He was running away from his enraged, cheated elder brother, whom he just stole his birth right from. And worse, he did not know exactly the way to where he was running to. My God! But as he was overloaded with all these worries and uncertainties, he called upon God. And as he fell asleep in frustration, using stone, (hard stone) as pillow, the almighty spoke “… I am with you, and I will protect you wherever you go. One day I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have finished giving you everything I have promised you.” Gen 28:15. Jesus! Sure, this is one of the greatest promises I have found in the bible. Every time, I read this I get reinvigorated to push on in life and in faith. It gave me the needed ‘bearing’ to find my way as I was growing up. It has been one of my ‘banner verses’ over the years. I am not surprised that God is again speaking to me through this time. Jacob needed that so much to move on. And we also need it now. Yes, now. As you read this, God is saying that he will be with you through and beyond this global chaos. He is with you. He will protect, preserve and provide for you until ALL his promises for your life come to pass!

Also look at what happened in Egypt during the plagues. None of the destructions, none of the hails, diseases touched the Israelites at Goshen. They heard about it, they saw the Egyptians suffer it, but it did not come to their camp. Wow! That is the power of divine protection and preservation. Remember he said that none of those diseases and destructions shall touch us! From the first plague to the last in Egypt, none affected the Israelites. They were divinely immune and shielded. In fact, at the Passover night, as all the families of men and beasts in Egypt were wailing and mourning the death of their firstborn, the bible said that not even a bark of the dog was heard in all of Goshen where the Israelites lived. Power! That is the God that we serve. Now, as the world is struggling and groaning God is also releasing unprecedented grace to his people and the church. He will through us bring healing, peace and hope to the world. Jesus Christ remains the only hope for the world. Look at Exodus 12:13, “But the blood on your doorposts will serve as a sign, marking the houses where you are staying. When I see the blood, I will pass over you. This plague of death will not touch you when I strike the land of Egypt.” My God! Yes, it cannot touch us. We are covered. We will sure prosper and flourish in the midst of this crisis. You already know that Jesus is that lamb that was sacrificed for us. Run into him today, immediately for your protection and preservation. We will continue. Share this message to everybody. Happy New Year!

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